vikadi: set of nostalgia drawings by gabriel picolo. i don’t think i have enough space on my tumblr for all his works that i’d like to post.

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The worm drives helically through the wood
And does not know the dust left in the bore
Once made the table integral and good;
And suddenly the crystal hits the floor.
Electrons find their paths in subtle ways,
A massless eddy in a trail of smoke;
The names of lovers, light of other days
Perhaps you will not miss them. That’s the joke.
The universe winds down. That’s how it’s made.
But memory is everything to lose;
Although some of the colors have to fade,
Do not believe you’ll get the chance to choose.
Regret, by definition, comes too late;
Say what you mean. Bear witness. Iterate.

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Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton Greene, 1953

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton Greene, 1953

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May my silences become more accurate.

- Theodore Roethke, from “Words for Young Writers,” On Poetry & Craft (Copper Canyon Press, 2001)

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I want Japanese Kit Kats, why can’t I buy them online for less than the value of their weight in gold. 

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littlealienproducts: Temporary Tattoo Makeup // $4

littlealienproductsTemporary Tattoo Makeup // $4

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peach-blossom-spring : What are your favorite places to buy fabric online?


for quilting fabrics,! hawthorne threads and fat quarter shop often have things that are not available for cheaper at if you are looking for something specific. apparel-wise: shaukat will sell you basically every liberty fabric that is available not limited to the lawns. combing through the catalogue of denver fabrics/fashion fabrics club is an incredible slog but there are nice things scattered amongst the dross, and the prices are good. fabric mart has the most incredible sales and you should not sign up for their newsletter because you will want everything, but it is worth looking at often because they get new stock so frequently, and they will sell you a bundle of no-less-than-1.5-yard cuts totalling 10 yards for $15 which is better for you than for me, as they have a flat rate for shipping within the contiguous states but international shipping costs vary. i look longingly at mood fabrics often but have never ordered anything from there ($$$$$). gorgeous fabrics also has a beautiful selection if you can ignore the fabric descriptions. for linen. this sounds like i buy a lot more fabric than i do, mostly i just window shop and daydream about what i would make and then move on with my life. fabric mart for real though.

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